Currumbin Avenue Christmas Lights


Jayden is the lighting director, programmer, and the brains of Currumbin Avenue Christmas Lights. Jayden loves to program lights to flash to music and when he grows up he want to be a lighting technician in a theater. He study‚Äôs electronics which he uses in his lighting display. Jayden is the DIY and designer of each lighting product. Jayden starts programming and designing everything for the new Christmas light display in June every year. It takes approximately 5 hours to produce a scratch 1 minute of a sequence.



Jennifer is the lighting organizer she tells Jayden where all the lighting items will be placed in Christmas light display. Every year the lights change not all the lights move and they might not move much but they move and that is just her way of listening to your feedback.



Michael is the lighting producer, his role at Currumbin Avenue Christmas Lights is to produce new lighting items and wire up all the lighting frames. He spends 5 days before the setup of the lighting display fixing all existing lighting objects and finish setting up the new frames for the Christmas display.




Behind The Scenes People




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